April 2016

Dancing for Sports Relief 2016

Parachute fun!

Helping to mix the paint

Making playdough

Bathtime for the ducks

Look who came out to play


World Book Day

Supertato is here to save the day!



Let's go!!



Stay and Play session at nursery

Buidling towers with blocks.

Fixing the Puzzle, I think this one goes here.

Exploring the Pathfinder.

Exploring the soap foam.

Blue horse, blue horse, what do you see?

Exploring the cause and effect toys.

Looking and listening to animal sounds.

Playing in the homecorner.

Playing with the soap foam,
fluffy, slimey and tickling

Painting at the easel.

Good balancing, but watch out for the crocodile!

Ready to play in the rain.

Sharing a book about numbers and colours

Playing with the trains and the track.

Watering the tomato plant.

White dog, white dog, What do you see?


Trip to Magpie Close September 2015

Is that a bird you found?

Down the slide together.

Here you go, a leaf for our collection.

Looking for leaves, sticks and hidden treasures

Snack time!

Transporting the sand.


Up the slope to the slide.

Swinging together.

Down the slide together.

What did you find today?