Partnership with Parents

We welcome and value the contributions parents can make to the experience our children have at school.

Once your child has settled parents are welcome to help in school at all times.

You could:

  • stay at beginning of session working with \ talking to your child at an activity of their choice.
  • encourage your child to start the day in an area they don’t often choose.
  • accompany us on an outing
  • help with the Shared Reading Scheme
  • help in the garden
  • help children with an activity - we have a box of ideas from which you could choose. e.g. cooking, making books, reading together.
    We have a Parents Room for your use and facilities in the kitchen for you to make tea or coffee. Also in the Parent’s Room is a notice board for your use and an information centre which is kept up-to-date with current events and news.

Parent's notice board

On our parents notice board half-termly planning is displayed with ideas for continuing topics at home. Children are very busy at Nursery and may bring home models \ paintings which they have spent a long time making. They are very proud of what they have done. Please show that you value it too.