Special educational needs

Staff are committed to the inclusion of all children as stated in our Aims. Staff believe that the early identification and assessment of Special Educational Needs is very important in fulfilling our aim. Many children have Special Educational Needs at some time in their school career and staff work in partnership with parents, the Learning Support Team and the Educational Psychologist to address these needs.

Disability Equality

Staff are committed to making the nursery and all associated activities as accessible as possible. If you or any member of your family have an impairment or disability, (this includes a temporary illness or injury) please talk to the Head teacher about how we could make the nursery more accessible to you. We would welcome any members of the Kay Rowe community joining us in planning and developing our accessibility plans.

Anti-racist statement

Racist behaviour towards any member of the school community will not be tolerated.
The ethos of Nursery Education is to help young children to socialise and to build up good relationships with their peers, and the rest of society. Staff actively encourage the children towards this end.

Children are aware of their different backgrounds and our aim is to give them a sense of pride in their origins, value bilingualism and teach the children that we are all different and all have something to offer in life.

We like to involve parents as much as possible in a variety of activities and we celebrate the major festivals of the main religious communities. Parents can help us with displays \ stories\ loan resources \ cooking etc.

Confidential records

The Keyworker collects and records progress in your child’s records. We work as a team and teach all the children, sharing our observations.

Your child’s progress will be continually monitored whilst at Nursery. Notes will be kept about their development in the foundation stage areas listed on page 6 and, when they leave, these will be summarised and sent on to Infant School with them. Parents may ask to see these records and to discuss their child’s progress with the Keyworker. Staff are available to see parents by appointment. Parents will be invited to read and add comments to the final record.

Other policy documents (PDF format)

* The Equalities Policy is available from the school.