Early Years Pupil Premium

EYPP 2017/18

1 child (identified) 5 children (identified) 22 children (identified)


The Nursery is has worked with the local authority to ensure that systems for collecting EYPP have improved. Consequently, we have increased the number of children who entitled to EYPP as the year has gone on.

The Nursery collects data on children who are entitled to EYPP and this is shared with staff as soon as the information becomes available. Those children are then targeted for intervention.

During this year’s cohort we have targeted children for wider opportunities and additional opportunities to take part in activities which will develop their skills in communication and literacy, social emotional development and physical skills.

e.g. all children have been offered additional opportunities to attend a theatre performance, an extra 6week Forest Trek and additional developmental dance sessions.

The data shows us that:

  • In 2017/2018 there are only 22 children at the nursery who are registered as being EYPP.
  • In the Autumn on entry assessment
  • 29% of children with EYPP started nursery below expectations
  • 27 % of children without EYPP started nursery below expectations
  • 32% of children with EYPP started┬ánursery almost inline, inline or above with expectations.
  • 30% of children without EYPP started┬ánursery almost inline, inline or above with expectations
  • In the Spring assessment children with EYPP are making slightly higher progress then those without EYPP (0.3 points compared to 0.2).
  • Children with EYPP are given the opportunity to go for a second time on Forest trek - which gives them the opportunity for 5 small group visits to the forest and a visit to the beach with their parents where the school funds the visit.
  • Children with EYPP are also prioritised for other visits.